Jeremiah turns 33!

I have become so behing on blogging! I have been reading everyone blogs, and commenting, but somehow, I have been overloaded with birthday parties.

I'll start back in June. Jeremiah turned 33 on the 11th, and I decided the week of his birthday, that I was going to throw him a surprise party that weekend. Crazy, I know. I got everything ready, sent him off to the lake Friday and Saturday, and expected him to be home by 5, Saturday night. Well, to brag, I successfully managed to surprise him. He had no idea. We had about 25 people over at the house and had a good evening hanging out, eating, and visiting.

Jeremiah and his brothers.

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A. Hilborn said...

Linds, I forgot that lil' Huddy was born the same day Aaron and I were married! I was browsing the Simply Sassy Design blog and saw his invitation she created. It's ADORABLE!