Whimsy Tin and Ella Ba Della

Take a look at this bucket from my friend Jaime over at Whimsy Tin. She does such a good job on the boys buckets! This is Hudson's Halloween bucket we got. He told me he "really wanted the one with the owls on it" and it turned out so cute! Jaime, I told you he would like it, he didn't want to let go of it!

Also, Take a look at Hudson's shirt! Is it not sooo cute! Lindsay over at Ella Ba Della's creates custom appliques and then you can add them to anything! I bought 5 appliques and I am fixing to order another few. Also, look at the outfit Hudson has on in the post below. The tractor is also from her! We have the guitar, rudolph, turkey, tractor, and the bat onesies! Up next is Christmas appliques! Be sure to check out her blog or her etsy store.


Hudson is 3 months old!

Well, little Hudson is growing so fast! Its amazes me at how much he has changed in the past month. I love to see him grow but it breaks my heart because I remember that Colson was once this size, and now is such a big boy.

Hudson's Tidbits:
--Wears size 1 diapers still
--He is wearing all his 3-6 month clothes
--Loves wearing shoes. We have quite a few pair!
--Goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up around 7:30 or 8 the next morning, and is usually STARVING!
--Has 1 cereal bottle a day, usually in the morning.
--Takes 6oz of formula every 3 to 3.5 hours
--We still have to take our Prevacid. It really helps the reflux!
--Smiles ALL the time and even giggles.
--Has figured out he can make noise and is a talker, just like Brother.
--No longer wants a passy, we love our thumb! Its precious watching him find that thumb. Yes, he went from loving it, to not ever wanting it in a matter of a month.
--We have said "bye bye" to the witching hour! Thank You Lord!

You have no idea how much your mommy and daddy love you! You bring such joy to our lives. I love how you are already in love with your big brother. You always smile when he gets in trouble, so this makes me a little nervous for when you and him start playing together. You also love to talk to Brother. We thank God everyday for our 2 healthy little boys! We love you so much!


Pumpkin Patch 2009

We made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Colson' s Preschool yesterday. After re-scheduling the trip 2 different times, the weather finally cooperated with us and the day turned out beautiful!

The first thing we did was a Hay Ride, Colson really enjoyed it. He liked looking at all the little Christmas Trees and the hay bales made into spiders.

Then off to the Pig Races. At the pig race, all the kids got to enjoy Pretzels and "Pumpkin" Juice. Here is Braden with his snack.

If I have learned anything about a 4-year old, it is that, it is so hard to get a picutre of him smiling, or looking at the camera, or with open eyes. That's why I have hardly any decent pictures of him while we were there.

Colson and his buddy Reid. (They posed like that on their own)

Colson and the pumpkin he picked out.

On the bucking horse swing (as Colson called it).

And, the last somewhat decent picture of the day.

Poor Hudson didn't get to go because I was worried about him getting cold, so he stayed at home with Jeremiah. Sorry Hudson.

Deer Camp 2009

Its Deer Season yet again. As much as I really dislike deer season, this little boy LOVES it.

Colson got to go out on the stand with his Daddy on Saturday and spend the evening looking for a "Monster" Buck. Jeremiah said they accomplished "being the loudest stand on the lease". This leads me to believe that Colson has a little bit of me in him. When I'm bored I tend to get a little chatty, or restless. Seems like Colson will have a little bit to work on before going back out there to hunt.

Here is Colson using his "Eagle Eyes" to spot a buck.

And remember this picture from Deer Season 2008?

Now look at this picture from Deer Season 2009...

(the pencil in this picture is red, do you see it?)

Notice anything? I guess when he gets bored at deer camp, he uses dad's work pencils to draw and "take notes".

For the record, they never saw a deer. Probley because Colson scared them all away. Oh well. Maybe next time!


My Little Turtle

I heard Hudson on the monitor waking up from a little cat nap and when I went in his room, this is what I saw. How precious is this?!


Show Us Your Life- Baby Gear

Kelly is hosting a Baby Gear tour over on her blog and I thought I would participate this week.

Baby Gear gets a wee bit overwhelming when trying to decide what is worth the money and what is a waste. Here are just a few things I am glad we got and also a few things that were a waste for us.

Things we like and use...


This is our stroller we bought for Hudson. We LOVE it. It's the Chicco Cortina Travel System, in Discovery. We love it because it comes with a stroller and infant car seat. It folds down easily. It rolls well on rock, grass, and the mall floor! Also, the car seat is very padded so Huddy's tushie is very comfy! It is also very cute and boyish!

These are the Fisher Price Dual Sounds N Lights Monitor. I wanted to have 2 monitors so I could carry one around the house, or take to the bathroom while I showered or even if I walked outside. The other one of course stays in our bedroom plugged in by our bed. They work great and have little or no static.

Here is Hudson's Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub. Any infant tub will work, but of course I had to have the one that was super cute. Hudson loves his bath in his little tub. These tubs are good for them to lay back in and relax. He also doesn't slip around in here either.

The Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker Bouncy Seat! Oh how I wish I would have had this when Hudson was about 3 weeks old. It vibrates and soothes him almost instantly. We had a portable swing, but he didn't like it too much. I was desperate and had to have something else to put Hudson in during the day other than his bed, my arms, or his swing he didn't love. It also has an activity bar that hangs over his head and he is really starting to reach for his toys.

This is our Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile. It really is good for us because Hudson will lay in there and just listen to his music and kick and stretch and watch the animals go around and around. The only thing I would like to be different about this is the music only stays on 20 minutes and then turns off. Hudson would lay in there longer if it would not turn off. I really liked it for when I was washing the filthy Dr. Browns Bottles.
Which leads me to...

Dr. Brown's are really good for colic but terrible to clean. We only had 7 bottles and it took me 45 minutes to get them and all the 900 parts clean. I did not plan on using these, but my great friend Anna told me they were the only thing that worked for Gage's colic and I should try them. She gave me some of Gage's to try and she was right, THEY WORKED! But, I have changed back to...


Avent bottles. They do tend to leak if you don't get the lid on just right, but other than that, they work good. They are easy to clean because they only have the ring, nipple, and bottle. I can't wait (well i really can) to wash a days worth to see how much time I save when washing these. I also used these with Colson and he never had a problem with them.

Things we didn't like or use...
1. The infant sleep positioner. We never used one. We never saw a need for it.
2. The wipes warmer. I used one with Colson, and the first time I went to use the wipies, they were completely dried out.
3. The Diaper Genie. They stink, literally. They make me gag. We just throw diapers away in the kitchen trash if they are dirty. That gets taken out quicker than a genie would. We do have a small can in his room for his wet diapers that we take out often as well.

I hope this can help narrow down some options for any expecting parents. Just remember all babies are different and what some love, others wont!