Colson turns 5!!

Yes, you read that right! My little Colson is 5 years old! I have no idea how that happened! Its like I blinked and here he is, turning 5, and starting Kindergarten.

Colson turned 5 on July 6th, so we told him he could pick where he wanted to eat. He chose the "Shu-Shu" place, aka Sakura. He loves eating there and he always eats such a good dinner. We met my parents, and my nephew Braden there, and we stopped and picked up his buddy Eli, and had our own little party there.
Jeremiah, Huddy and Me

Colson and Braden waiting for the cooking to begin!

The Birthday Boy

Getting to cook the eggs! He was so excited!

Colson, Braden, and Eli, using the chop sticks as drum sticks

Happy Birthday big boy! I love you so much and I'm so proud to be your mommy!

We are going to get the last part of his birthday present tonight. I'll blog about it tomorrow! It will be funny!

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