Hudson at 6 months!!

Okay, so I am not that far behind. Hudson has only been 6 months since Sunday, so I am doing good! I can not believe my little baby is 1/2 a year old. I also cannot believe my big baby is about to start Kindergarten! That is a whole post in itself, if I can ever bring my self to accepting it!

Today, my mom and I decided on a little impromtu photo session with Hudson. I have never had his pictures done anywhere, other than the terrible ones I do, so we headed to Little Rock. We just took him to Sears, so we could be cheap, and quick! They don't do the best pictures, but when your little man is the most precious little boy in the world, you can't have bad pictures! Overall, I'm okay with how they turned out! However, I cannot wait till we get some good family pictures done the spring! Here are a few pictures from his photo shoot! Enjoy!

Here are Hudson's Tidbits:
*We haven't been to get the 6 month shots yet, so I'll have to post that information later
*Started eating food very well, he eats a jar of veggies, and a jar of fruit for lunch.
*Does not like green veggies or peaches
*He is sleeping better during the day, still waking up around 4 and eventually goes back to sleep without us coming in
*Wears size 2 diapers
*Wears 6-12 month outfits and 3-6 month jeans and pants
*Still waiting on these teeth to come in
*Almost sits up all by himself! We are getting sooooooo close!

As for Colson:
He has learned so much this month at school. He now knows his phone number, his whole name, his birthday, all his letter up to N, the difference from left to right, and he now knows our address. Kindergarten, HERE WE COME! Also, We are signing up for T-ball this weekend! He is so excited to play, so be looking forward to some baseball posts in the near future! That tush will be so cute in those pants!


Hudson at 5 months...

Hudson turned 5 months on Christmas Eve. It is so hard to believe 6 months, half a year, is quickly approaching! Hudson is such a sweet, happy, funny little boy! I love him!

Hudson's Tidbits:
  • He can roll over from his back to his belly
  • Takes a 6oz cereal bottle when he wakes up and before he goes to bed
  • We stopped baby food for a little bit, it seemed like it was causing his reflux to flair up alot more
  • Has finally started napping during the day, PTL
  • Has learned how to make his lips make noise, thanks to his Papaws
  • Has started reaching out for people to hold him, this melts our hearts

Here are some pictures of Huddy at 5 months!!


Kindy Christmas

That night, after my moms, we headed to my BIL and SIL's house for Christmas with Jeremiah's Dad. We ate appetizers and just had a laid back evening. We all buy gifts for the kids, and Jeremiah's dad, but for the adults we played Dirty Santa. I ended up playing dirty and stole the good North Face pullover for Jeremiah to have, and he stole the vases I wanted. That way, noone else could steal our stuff! Tacky, huh? Here are a few more pics, that I stole from Aimee.

Suzanne, Chris, Jody, Jeremiah and their dad Joe

Jeremiah, Makinley and Me, opening presents

Bryson and Jeremiah

Colson with a bow on his head, being silly

On to Nana and Papaws House...

So around noon, we head over to my mom's house. We opened presents then had lunch. I cooked 2 big things of Chicken Spaghetti, which was yummy, and non-traditional, thank the Lord! Here are some pictures from there!

I had to post this picture of my sisters family. I love the face Braden is making. He did NOT want his picture made, as you can see. The face is just very Braden.

Santa Came!!

Christmas morning, Jeremiah and I were woke up around 545 am to the sound of Colson going through his bucket (stocking) Santa left. I politley asked him to go back to bed for a little while so Hudson could sleep a little longer! He agreed, with candy in his hand, and went back to bed.

Once Hudson got up, Colson was in full force and paper was flying!

Colson wondering when he can start

Hudson and his new crinkle book

Making sure he got every inch of paper and tape off

The boys on their new pillow, which they love!

Spider"Mom" and Spiderman working on getting his web blaster out.

Christmas Eve at Memaws

After Christmas Eve with Jeremiahs grandparents, we rest, cook what we gotta cook, and head over to my Memaws, my mom's mom, around 6. We eat, talk, and usually Santa stops by while he is waiting on all the kids to go to sleep that night! In the past several years, we have become overloaded with babies, so it is always fun to watch the kids interact, or runaway from Santa.

Most of the great-grand-kids with Santa. I like this picture because Hudson is holding onto Jordan's shirt trying to eat it!

Colson and Santa telling secrets

Hudson with a handful of beard

The boys with Memaw

Memaw and Santa

Now, time to go home and get ready for Santa, he says.

Christmas Eve at the GrannyPaws

Well, I have a lot of catching up to do! I'm been lazy with my blogging, so lazy that I didn't even realize my last post was my 100th post! Not that I would have done anything special or my BIG post, just would have made note of it... Oh Well, on to Christmas...

Christmas is always so busy with our families. We have so many places to go that it seems to get overwhelming and stressful! This year, we tried to make it not so hard on everyone. Since we had a 5 month old, we had to schedule some naps and playtime in between opening presents and eating 12 meals a day.

This year, we started off on Wednesday, not by choice. Jeremiah's dad's dad, his grandpaw, passed away and the funeral was set for Wednesday. We got to see a lot of family that we don't normally get to see and talk to. So aside from the passing of Papaw Kindy, we had a nice time of fellowship.

Thursday, Christmas Eve, we started off by going to Jeremiah's other grandparents house. This was Jeremiah's mom's parents. We had some flooding issues so it took us over an hour to get there, rather than 15 minutes. So we were late, but we weren't the only ones. Once we all got there, his uncle grilled some burgers and hotdogs and there was meal #1. I always like that we eat non-traditionally over there, I'm not much on turkey and all the trimmins' so that was a great meal! The boys got some neat stuff from "the Granny-paws" and we got a new recliner! Whoo Hoo! Here are a few pictures, I'm stealing some of these from my SIL.

Uncle Lala and Makinley

Uncle Lala and Hunter

Uncle Lala and Bryson

Uncle Chris and Hudson

All "the Granny-paws" grand-kids and great-grand-kids.

Nana and Hudson

Mak and Colson trying to wait patiently to open some presents.

Granny-paws the girl and Hudson

Colson and his new Transformer

Granny-paws the man and Hudson