Memaw and The Boys

I was pilfering through my mom's camera and ran across these cute pics of the boys and my grandmother right after Hudson was born and I thought they were so sweet, so I had to post.

This is my beautiful Memaw, my mom's mom. She lives on her beautiful pond and everytime we are there, Colson has to go outside with Memaw and feed the ducks.

Here is my Memaw with 2 of her Great Grandsons.

My Memaw, Hudson and I (remember Hudson was only 5 days old, excuse my face!)

And Colson loving on brand new baby Hudson as we were leaving! Pretty sweet huh?!

What about this picture of my Memaw and Ronald McDonald? Cute huh? We had this picture on the table at her 87th birthday party in August.

Hudson is 2 months old!

Well, my little baby is now 2 months old. He celebrated his day by getting over his 2 mo. check-up and shots. He did fine getting his shots, but once they kicked in, they made him feel yucky. It was like he was a zombie. As for his appointment, everything went perfect. Hudson now weighs 10lbs, 4.5oz. He has come a long way since he was born(6lbs, 1oz). We were at the doctor for his reflux instead of his well baby check-up so they didn't measure him or tell me his percentiles, so I'll leave that spot blank in the baby book. It's amazing how much he has changed since the very first time I saw him. He learns something new everyday.

Hudson's Tidbits:
--Wears size 1 diapers
--Can wear a lot of his 3 mo clothes
--None of his shoes fit him yet, (but I did order him a pair that should be here in a few days, so I hope they will fit his tiny toes.)
--Will MAYBE, and I stress "maybe", take a 3 hour nap most days,...if I'm lucky

--Wakes up around 3 or 4am for a feeding, then back to bed...that is if he is feeling well

--Experiences "Witching Hour" nightly from 6:00 on the dot, till about 8:00. This is usually a stressful hour around our house. We make sure we are home at this point, because there is nothing you can do to console him except for taking him outside. He's not hungry, wet, dirty, sick or sleepy. Just fussy. NOT FUN...

--Takes 4, sometimes 5oz of formula and at night gets to have cereal added to his milk

--Has started "talking" to us and grinning so big. It melts our hearts! Colson always wants to make him smile.

--His nickname from Colson is "Huds" and "Little Punkin"

--LOVES, and I mean LOVES his passy.

--Got to experience his 1st fishing tournament with his Daddy, and survived. He didn't get to go on stage however, he was waking up from a nap... :(


--Can sit in his Bumbo... which he is still unsure of, but getting the hang of it.

We just love this little addition to our family so much! He is a little doll... We thank God everyday for blessing us with him!


My Little Beckham

Colson has started playing soccer this fall. It is so funny to see him running like a mad man across the field. We were a little apprehensive on putting him in sports so soon because of all the out-of-control parents who only care about winning, but we caved and he is having a blast. We have only had a couple practices, but its getting close to game time, so this will be interesting. All the kids on our team are in preschool, so none of them have any clue as to what they are supposed to do. I can't wait to see him in a real game! I'll post a video of his first game soon!


Post #3

Before we went to the Razorback game, we had a wedding to go to. This was both of the boys first wedding to attend, and to my surprise, they were both well behaved. (except that at one point, Colson found a stick and pretended he was a deer with antlers, luckily it was an outdoor wedding!) Here are a few pictures of us at the wedding.
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Go Hogs Go

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Jeremiah and I took Colson to his very 1st Razorback game over the weekend, and it was a SUCCESS! He had so much fun watching the band enter the stadium, looking at Tusk, the pig, yelling "First Down", calling those Hogs, and eating one of each concession stand item. We let him get his face painted and by the end of the night, that paint was EVERYWHERE. Oh well, all that matters is that he had fun, and I'd say mission accomplished! I can't wait to take him to another game!

Another 1st over the weekend, our friend Lindsay, has been living in NW Arkansas for exactly 1 year, and she got to experience her first Razorback game. We joined the Suggs family and took her tailgating for a couple hours and I think she had almost as much fun as Colson, except that her purse fell under the bleachers and all her stuff got dumped out. Everything except for her makeup compact was rescued! I am so glad we were with her for her first football experience!

Colson's 1st Day

Today started Colson's last year of preschool. He started back today and could not be happier! He loves going to Ms. Joyce's class and getting to learn new things. He is super excited about getting to learn to write his name and learning to write his ABC's. Friday is our first field trip and we get to go to the fair grounds to see all the animals! I'll post some pictures from our day soon!
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