Family Pictures

We had our family pictures done a few months ago by Krystina at K.Bullard Photography, and here are a few of our favorites! She got several great photos of my little men! We also had my Brother-in-Law and his family join us for some family photos to use as Christmas gifts.


CoCo and Huddy

I took the boys outside the other day to let them play in the leaves and so I could play with my camera. Here are a few from our afternoon.


Hello Santa..

Hudson and I joined Colsons kindergarten class last Tuesday on their trip to the Library. They got to make a snowflake necklace, hear a story, and visit Santa.

 Then on Thursday, the hospital my MIL works for had their annual Christmas party and the boys had another chat with Santa. I love how Hudson is checking out that beard!

All I Want For Christmas

Colson finally lost a tooth. He came home last Monday and told me he had a wiggly tooth, and we pulled it on Tuesday. I could not believe my baby lost a tooth so quickly. I wiggled both his bottom teeth Sunday and they would not budge, but something happened overnight and it was ready! Here he is right after I pulled it Tuesday.
The tooth fairy came and brought him $3. He thought he was rich!!


More Christmas

Here is my buffet table in my kitchen. I threw this together very quickly yesterday and I'm not sire how much I like it or don't like it yet. Y'all can be the judge. I was just working with what I already had.

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Merry Christmas

 Here are just a few of our Christmas decorations this year. We only are doing a small tree this year because of Hudson. I really don't want to spend my entire day telling him "No-No, Don't Touch" so this way he can't reach it. I still haven't got around to doing the mesh around my entertainment center, so if that gets done, I'll do another post. But here is my sign I did for my front door. It looks so cute on our black door and it shows up great! I love the rhinestone ornaments on there too!

 And here is the close up of our new tree skirt. I actually got this last year, just a few days before Christmas so I didn't get to enjoy it much. But I love it!! I had it made by a girl who also makes some super cute stockings and monogrammed stuff. Click HERE to visit her site.


The Strikers

Colsons soccer team this year was the Strikers. He had a lot of fun and ran out a lot of energy! 


Unintentional Blog Break...

So, my 3 blog readers may have noticed I haven't blogged since October, but I think my problem has been solved and maybe I'm back!

I installed IE9 and ever since I have been using it, I have not been able to upload any pictures to Blogger or Facebook, and a lot of times when I would try to read other blogs, the pages with pictures would never load up. It was so aggravating! So I finally have installed Google Chrome, and I think we are good to go! I'll be updating the blog with whats been going on since my hiatus over the next few days! Stay Tuned!