A day at the park

The weather here has been absolutely perfect! Yesterday afternoon, Jeremiah and I decided to take the boys to play at the park, and to get some fresh air. Hudson didn't have too much fun,(I think he is getting more teeth, and has been really fussy) but Colson had a blast. At one point he told me, "Mom, I didn't come to take pictures, I came to play!"

Take me out to the Ballgame...

Monday night, Colson had his very first T-Ball game. It was so much fun to watch him run around like a crazy man. His team did so good and they were all so cute! His team is Creative Carpet Orioles, and he is #6. He also has 3 little, tiny girls on his team, and they are so precious, I'm sure I was just like them when I was starting out. Here are a few pictures from his game...


Polka Dots and Zebra Stripes

It's official, my new little business is now up and running. If you haven't already checked it out, head on over to my other blog... Polka Dots and Zebra Stripes

I am still trying to get all the kinks worked out and the layout just right, so bear with me for a couple weeks. Also be sure to follow me and add me to your blogroll. Giveaways will be coming soon! Keep checking back because new things are quickly being added!! Thanks for your support!


Happy Saints Spastricks Day, from Colson

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Colsons Bumps

I really have been needing to blog this for almost 2 weeks, but we have been having major computer issues and I didn't have these pictures on my phone.

Colson had to have about 10 bumps frozen off his neck at the beginning of the month. We really have tried to amp Colson up about having them froze off because we were thinking it wouldn't be the most pleasant experience. However, He has shown us how tough he really is. The only time they have bothered him was the day it was done. Four hours after they put the medicine on them, we, and by we I mean I, had to take his band aids off his neck and Jeremiah had to wash the spots with soap and warm water. As soon as I started peeling off the band aids, I saw the fear in his eyes, and I lost it. It hurt him so much because the tape of the band aid was on the head of the bump, and it almost ripped it off. I think that aggravated them so much that the soap and water was excruciating. After he calmed down, he was fine, we played outside the rest of the morning, and then some more that afternoon.

I was prepared for this day to be the end of the world. I was already ready to give him some major TLC. I went and got his request he had put in at the beginning of the week, which consisted of Fruit Roll-Ups, and real Rice Krispy treats. I also made his some chocolate covered strawberries, and put together a goodie bag. I think he had one or two fruit roll-ups, 2-3 strawberries, and no rice krispy treats. He looked in his bag and said, "Nah, you can have it Dad..." and that was that.

We go back Thursday to see "Dr. Bumpits" for his follow up appointment. I'm thinking we may have to freeze another spot or 2. We will see!!

By the way, the bumps are Molluscum contagiosum. It is a relatively common viral infection of the skin that most often affects children. It results in firm bumps (papules) that are painless and usually disappear within a year without treatment. If the papules are scratched or injured, the infection can spread to surrounding skin.--Mayo Clinic.
**He had the bumps over a year, and they had spread.**

And another...

Here's the canvas I did for the door in our carport.

Spring Canvas

Here is my new canvas I made over the weekend for our black front door. The design may look a little familier, thats because I used the main design from our yard flag in our front yard, I just reversed the colors in a few different spots! I really, really like how this canvas turned out!

Credit Card Keychain, Pet Bowls, and mini Backpacks

This small backpack is a perfect on-the-go bag! You pick the monogram thread color, and script.
Monogram Backpack.........................$25

Large pet bowl can be personalized with your choice of colors.
Top Opening: 6", Bottom Diameter: 8-1/4", Outside Height: 3" Inside Height: 1-2/8" * Holds 26 fluid oz. * Non-skid bottom rim
Large pet bowl.............................$17

These credit card keychain holders are great for college students for carrying your student i.d. These can be personalized with choice of colors, polka dots, flowers, or team/school colors.


This umberella can be personalized with your choice of colors, and fonts. It can also have your monogram or whatever else you would like!
Clear Dome Umberella......................$25
Easy-grip Curved Handle • Manual Open • Clear, See-Through PVC • Closes to 35.5" • 46" opened

License Plates

These can be personalized with any color, or phrase you would like, you can also pick your font!

Personalized License Plates..........................................$15


Hudson at 7 months

Wow. Alot has gone on since our 6 month post. Hudson is learning so much and doing so much fun stuff right now. This has been our favorite age with him so far!! It's amazing to see how much he has changed in so little time.

We are trying soooo hard to sit up all by ourself. He is so close!!

We have 2 new teeth on the bottom and are very sharp.

We make a super cute papaw face!

Hudson weighs about 16.5 pounds. He wears a 9 month shirt, 6 month bottom, and a size 3 diaper. He has started saying bubbabubba and dadda the most, but today has been saying mammamamma alot. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, but ends up scooting to whatever he is trying to get. He gets around very quickly that way. He has finally decided it's not so hard to hold his bottle now, which really makes things much easier. Hudson has been eating better this month too. He is having an 8oz bottle in the morning, has a veggie and a fruit for lunch with a little bottle to wash it all down, an afternoon snack bottle, a veggie for dinner with juice, then a cereal bottle before bed. I bought him some fruit puffs yesterday to try and I don't think he knew what to do with them. I'm anxious to start the baby yogurt with him too. He is such a smiley, happy boy now!!! I could just eat him up!!!



Here is the baseball decal for the back of helmets or your car windshield. Ours on my car will have Colsons name around it with his baseball number in the middle. It would also be cute with a team name in your team colors. If you have a softball player, you could also incorporate some hot pink for your little girl.

Decal with names...$12


Happy Birthday Gage

Here are a few cute pictures Anna sent me from Gage's party Saturday. I'll leave her to write about the party so be sure to check out her blog in a couple days for more pictures and the details. She sent me these pictures yesterday and I thought they were too sweet not to share.

Colson and his most favorite thing ever... Chocolate cake!!

Gage and Hudson giving some sugars!!! Gage is the most loving little boy. He and Huddy are going to be best buddies.



Here is a shirt for my great friend Anna's little boy, Gage. He turned ONE Saturday!! It is so hard to believe he is already 1. It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were sitting at the hospital awaiting his arrival!! Anyway, he had a great party and here is his shirt I made...
Camo applique letters, with hunter orange thread...$25

I also made his gift bag too, it said "It's a Party" on one side, with "Gage" on the other side. (I forgot to take a picture of his bag.)...$5-7


Here is something new I've been working on for a few weeks now. Last Saturday was my cousins birthday. She turned 3 and had her party at Chuck E Cheese! I wanted to start doing something a little more special for birthdays so this is what I have come up with so far!

Her canvas, an 11x16 flatboard, with her monogram...$30

Her appliqued shirt, with hand-stitched letters, you choose fabric theme... $25

The gift bag I made, these can be made to say whatever you want...$5-7