mommy help...

this post is going to be in all small caps because i am holding a fussy baby who is ready to eat and i have no milk... that is why im posting...

hudson is nursing and i really don't want to quit, but he is not getting full. he eats and then is hungry again in an hour and a half or so. last night i gave him a formula bottle to supplement him and help him sleep and then nursed the rest of the day. now, at 8:05pm, he is hungry, and i'm empty. i don't want him to lose any more weight, so what should i do or try? anyone ever dealt with this?


Baby Hudson

This is mainly a picture post, there will be lots of pictures, so BEWARE of cuteness overload!

Colson in the waiting room, waiting patiently...

Colson bringing us some flowers...

Me and my boys...

Hudson, 2 days old...

Jeremiah is loving Hudson's papaw hair...

Finally Home, Hudson, 3 days old!

Kindy Shower

Jeremiah's family threw us a baby shower for all our family to come to, and here are just a few pictures. These were all taken about a week before Hudson got here, so these will also serve as my 37 weeks preggy pictures!

Here is Hudson's very first bucket from Whimsy Tin. It was packed full of goodies! Notice I said first bucket because Hudson has a bunch of buckets to get made for all his first holidays! We love Jaime's buckets! They are awesome!

My mom and I...

Jeremiah's grandmother, me, and Jeremiah's mom...


Hudson Wyatt Kindy is here!!!

Hudson Wyatt Kindy was born July 24, 2009 at 1:08 p.m. He was 6 lbs 1 oz. Here are a few pictures of him. He is perfect.


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

In case you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you don't know that we are inducing tomorrow morning! We are starting the Pitocin at 5:30am and then the Dr. will break my water so we can get this baby boy here! We are so anxious, nervous, excited, and READY!! Please keep up in your prayers!

Oh, and Colson CANNOT wait! He is so ready for his "little baby brother bear" to be here!

**I will be sure to TRY to keep my Facebook and Twitter updated throughout the day tomorrow and will update the blog as soon as we can. My sister may end up posting on here for us! That way you can get some pictures of Baby Hudson!**


Were at the hospital!

Update: They sent us home around 1am because I was not dilating anymore, even though my contractions were constant at 2 minutes apart. They gave me some Tylenol instead of demoral because the shot hurts and I didn't want it. So now we are waiting again!

Well we are sitting in the hospital having contractions and dilating. We got here at about 10:30 pm and are just being watched for now. My contractions are about 2 minutes apart. I had 3 false alarms with Colson so we are really hoping we aren't having another falsey!! We will keep ya posted when something changes!!


Blogger Moms...

I've got a question for all you moms out there breastfeeding.... Are there any good books or websites out there that are really helpful and encouraging?? Please share your wisdom and/or any tips!! THANKS!


Colson Turns 4!

We have had such a hectic week that I have been so slow at blogging about Colson's 4th birthday. We had his party at Party Central the last weekend of June so that Jeremiah could be here, but his actual birthday was not until Monday. He had a great turnout for his party, but a poopy day on Monday. I got a phone call about 9am on Monday from my mom and she told me that my dad had a heart attack that morning and he was going to have a stint put in that day. So I woke Colson up by singing Happy Birthday to him and just got him ready as normal. I didn't want him to know his papaw had a broken heart, especially on his special day. Anyway to make a long story short, my sister and I took Colson, Braden, and Hunter to see Ice Age 2, in 3D, and to Larry's Pizza for his big day; I ended up locking my keys in the car when we finally got home, (thank you Lord for Onstar); my dad is feeling better and got to go home today, and so far, everyone is still okay. I'll leave you with a few pictures of Colson's party! Oh, and I went to my weekly dr's appointment today and nothing has changed. Looks like we wont be meeting Hudson this week (this is a good thing tho, Jeremiah is 1400 miles away in New York for a tournament, and will be gone a few more days). I'll update next week on if any progress has been made!