Colsons Birthday Present

Yesterday I mentioned we were going to get the rest of Colson's present. Well we went to Romancing the Stone in North Little Rock to purchase some hermit crabs. We ended up coming home with 3 little guys, 4 extra shells for them to change into: a spongebob, superman, batman, & spiderman, 2 hermit huts: a baseball and a spiderman, food, coral, a 50lb bag of sand, and all the other goodies that come along with owning crabs. We got them all settled in last night in my parents old aquarium. Colson has had so much fun learning about them and playing with them, (well, until they pinch him.) He also loves the fact they get to live in his room. Here are our new family members, Phineus, Ferb, and Candice (as in the show on Nickelodeon!) They are in the orange, red and yellow shells for now.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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