The Party

We had reserved the pool to have Colsons birthday party at. But here lately, we have been having a lot of summer rain showers, (which is very rare, usually at this point in July, everything has already burned up, due to the lack of rain, so I'm not complaning!) and it just so happend to start pouring down rain Sunday afternoon until about 6:30, and the party was at 7. Not just rain, but thunder and lightening too. So I had to make a decision on what we would do. We weren't going to cancel his party, (he would never understand), so I made a call to my friend Jaime who just so happens to own Touchdown Sally's here in Benton, told her the situation, and she told us she would be ready for us to crash her restaraunt at 7:30. She totally saved our party. I called all the parents and all our family and told them the change of plans. We ended up having a great time and the party went perfect! **For the record, we went to the pool to tell the lifeguards what was going on and they told us they understood. We got the restaraunt and not there was nothing but blue skies and no rain the entire party. Go figure!** Here are a few pictures!

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Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

Super cute cake and cupcakes!!!!!! I love your blog design and I have 2 little boys too!!!