Thanks Everyone

Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Jean Party! I had a great turnout and got lots of great things!! Hope to have another soon! We had a great time!!!!!


FLW Tour Stop #5, Fort Loudon/Tellico Lakes

Stop #5 on the Walmart FLW Tour was to Knoxville, TN to fish Tellico/Fort Loudon.

Colson and I drove up with Kim Suggs and her 2 daughters, Whitney and Hallie, and Lindsey White, Co-Angler Stetson Blaylock's girlfriend. We had that Tahoe loaded down and we were off on Wednesday afternoon.

After getting to the lake on Thursday, we discovered that Jeremiah, Scott(Kim's Husband), and Stetson, all had a very good bag! We were so excited. At the end of Day 1, Jeremiah was in 13th place, Scott was in 11th and Stetson was in the Top 10 somewhere.

After Day 2, Jeremiah only had 2 fish, one was a 5 pounder and the other barely measured. Scott had 5 fish and Stetson had 5 fish. Stetson ended up in 7th place on the co-angler side, Scott ended up in 13th on the pro side, and Jeremiah ended up in 39th place. We were so close to making a Top 10, but luck was not on our side that day.

Stetson ended up fishing on Day 3 and finished 6 ounces out of 1st place and into 2nd place!

Here are a couple pics from our fun weekend!!


Rock On!

So, We had our 1st adventure to the ER tonight and Colson is 3. All in All that's nothing to complain about when your son is Evil Knievel!

Mom picked Colson up today at preschool and when she got there, he was crying. The director came over and told her she still could not figure out what was wrong, so she sent my nephew Braden over to figure it out, still no answer. After mom and Colsie got to her house and he had cooled off, she saw a scrape under his eye. So, we assumed that is what the problem was.

Later on throughout the night, Colson would scream and cry when I would try to wipe his face and his nose. At this point, I had noticed his nose was a little drippy, but Jeremiah had been complaining about his sinuses, so surely that's whats going on with Colson.

As I am putting Cols in bed, I see him pick his nose and of course, I got on to him and told him that was nasty. His response: "Mom, I gotta get dis rock outta my nose, It's hurting me!" Naturally I panic. After making 3 different phone calls to my mom, my mother-in-law and Jeremiah, we knew we had to take him to the ER.

On the way to the ER, I asked Colson if he put a rock in his nose and his reply was "Yep, I put a rock in my nose at my preschool today." and when I asked "Why?", he said the obvious answer, "Because I Did!"After 10-15 minutes in the ER, I look up his nose and see the tip of a freaking ROCK! After begging him to blow his nose, countless bribes, including going to get ice cream at 11pm on a Monday night, the nurse went to get some tweezers and we were just going to hold him down and get it out, one way or another. While she was gone, I told Colson to blow one more time and when I saw that wasn't going to get it out, I plugged the other nostril and made him blow. And to our surprise, HERE COMES THE ROCK!!!

So...Here are a couple pictures of Before the ER and After the ER!


Jeans Party

Do you crave Designer Jeans and Purses! Then come to my Jeans party. It's a party where you come in, find what you like, such as Coach, Dooney and Bourke, True Religon, Citizen of Humanity, Rock and Republic, Ed Hardy and MORE! Just come in... Try them on... Take them home! You wont be dissappointed!

Come to my Jean Party at the salon on June 26th and 7pm.
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Dooney & Bourke


Jeremiah's Birthday

On the 11th we celebrated Jeremiah's 31st birthday. Usually on all the birthdays from January-July, he is out of town at a fishing tournament. I realized about a week ago that Jeremiah would, for once, be here to celebrate. I wanted to do something special so I called and got our siblings and their families on the same page about a surprise birthday. We all met at Shoguns in Little Rock and had a great time, and for once, he was surprised.

The next day we went to eat lunch with his dad and brother and when we got in the truck, they surprised Jeremiah with a brand new Johnson acoustic guitar! He was SO excited. He has been wanting a guitar for over a year and he finally got one. ( so thanks to them, they blew my gift out of the water, I just got him a subscription for XM Radio, which I might add, I thought was great.)

All in All, he enjoyed being home on his birthday!