Colson's Funnies...

Colson is always saying something funny and out of the blue... Last night, we were all in the living room and Colson was singing and then informed us that he is going to be on "American Island" and he is gonna sing on the stage and use a microphone. He has it all planned out, but is still not sure what song he is going to sing.

Later on he was rambling on and on about some made up stories and he said "Momma, you know those blue things in the road, those are fire "hodgeies". They show firemans where to get water." Jeremiah said "No, I think those are red..." Well Colson argued that they were blue and finally Jeremiah gave up the battle knowing he could never win to a 3-year old. As I was thinking about what he said, I remembered all the little blue reflectors on the road to show firemen where the hydrants are. So sadly, Colson won the argument about the "hodgeies".

Colson, at this age is so much fun. You never know what he will say, or when he will break out in song at the top of his lungs while you are in a crowd of people at Target, singing Jesus Loves Me. He has such a fun personality and I hope Baby Hudson has some of Colson's characteristics. I can't wait to watch them grow together and be best friends!


Nursery Update...

Well, I FINALLY got a shipment confirmation on Hudson's bedding. It has shipped out today and should be here on the 24th. His bed and his dresser are here, but not put together. We are saving that project for daddy to do when he gets home. It is so heavy. Have fun Dad. As soon as the bedding gets here, I am going to pick out paint colors and have the painter finish. Colson's room has been moved, painted, and rearranged. He is loving his "Big Boy" room. He tells me it is so cool! Finally, so progress is being made so I will get some pictures up soon!


Colson's Easter Chickies!

I am not Crazy, just HORMONAL. We are the proud new parents of 6 baby chicks. I cannot say no!

We were in Tractor Supply Thursday night, and I saw all the baby chicks. They were so cute and so sweet and Colson was so excited, so I bought us 6(six) baby Straight Run chicks. I have not thought out the whole chick parenting process, so please don't ask me what I am going to do with them, I just know that they are in my kitchen getting setteled in their new home.

Colson wanted to name them all Freddie, which is the name he names EVERYTHING; fish, stuffed animals, fishing baits, worms, fish, I mean EVERYTHING. I was able to convince him to let me name the black chick Penelope, and then he decided to name one of the yellow ones Twinkle, ("you know like the song, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Mom"-Colson). But the rest are still Freddie. I will keep updating on how the chicks are doing, but so far, they are fun and we are having fun with them. (the one Colson is holding is Twinkle, he says)

**And for those of you who are wondering what Jeremiah's reaction was, well, while I was in Tractor Supply, I sent him this picture,

and he thought they were so cute, and is actually excited about them. He has not got to meet them yet, he is up at the lake, and wont be home till Saturday.

**Stay Tuned for more on the Easter Chickies!!**


22 weeks @ Garvan Gardens

Jeremiah surprised Colson and I by taking us to Hot Springs today to go to Garvan Gardens. I kind of had an idea that's where he was taking us, so that is why I took my camera. Colson was really getting into taking our pictures in front of things, so daddy and I did a lot of posing for our little aspiring photographer. Also, there was a wedding going on today in the Garden, and I got a super cute video of Colson dancing to the music, but I can't get it uploaded on here. I'll keep trying.

Here is Jeremiah and I at 22 weeks. Everything is still just fine and Hudson and I are growing by the minute!

Hope everyone is enjoying the pretty weather this weekend!