Huddy is 1 Month Old...EEK!

Hudson with Dr. Henson and our nurse Linda. This was at my 4 week check-up.

Its becoming a trend for me to be late at posting. Hudson is now actually 5 weeks old, but here he is at 1 month.

A few facts about Hudson...
...He wears newborn diapers still
...He is wearing some 0-3mo clothes, but a lot of them still wont fit him, so we usually wear newborn.
...He is getting up 3 times a night and at his 4am feeding, he doesn't like going back to sleep, and then is up again at 6am and is almost impossible to get him back to sleep. Usually we are up for the morning at this point.
...NO regular naps yet. He takes about a 2 hour nap mid morning and the rest are whenever he decides he is ready.
...He loves bathtime... it always calms him down if he is fussy.
...The colic is pretty much over, he still gets a little fussy sometimes, but I don't think its colic as much as it is constipation.
...We are no longer nursing, he is bottle fed now and takes 3oz of formula every 2 hours. He is much happier with his bottle. (Nursing is NOT for everyone, and formula is just fine)
...Everyone thinks he looks like Jeremiah(GAG), but I don't see it. I see a lot of baby Colson in him. I think he is just handsome, no matter who he looks like. (For the record, he has my dimples and dark hair.)

I can't believe Hudson has been here a whole month now. Where does the time go? I am going back to work on Tuesday and not at all looking forward to it. I will be keeping Hudson with me during the days, I will just limit how much I work now.

We are really enjoying 2 boys, even though it is always hectic around here. We weren't sure how we would be able to love Hudson as much as we love Colson, but like everyone says, you just do. You figure it out. I have a different kind of love for my Colson, maybe because he was my first and I am so close to him. But, my love for Hudson runs pretty deep too. We just cherish every moment with our boys and love them more and more every day. They are each a special gift!

RowdyPig and Moo

They each had a plate of food, but they decided to share one plate.

I got a call from Jeremiah on Thursday while he was on a job asking me if he could bring home 2 puppies. He told me that the mom wasn't feeding them and they were covered in fleas and ticks. He told me that one was trying to nurse on his brother and he was not leaving them there. He had no idea how old they were or what breed they were. He said the homeowner told him that there were 4 female dogs and they all had a liter at the same time, and she thought these 2 were about a month old.

Out of pity, I agreed. He brought them home, and I was shocked. They were precious and so well mannered. While he was bathing them in the sink, trying to pluck off what seemed like 1000 ticks and fleas, they just stood there and didn't cry.

After a talk with the vet, I got them some canned food and flea and tick spray and a worm pill. They are now eating and drinking some pet milk and are strictly outside puppies. They love each other and cry when they are away from the other. I have come to the conclusion that they are less than a month old because, A) one still doesn't have teeth, and B) when they walk they stumble every few steps.

Colson loves them and they were named by him. Moo got his name because he looks like a cow, and RowdyPig, because Colson's favorite animal name is Rowdy, but since we have a neighborhood dog named Rowdy and a build-a-bear puppy named Rowdy, we added Pig on the end.



3 Weeks Old...

Well, I'm a little late on posting some baby pictures this week, but here is Little Man at 3 weeks.

Hudson is doing great. He eats every 2 hours and you can definitely tell he is not starving. He is getting some cheeks on him. Hudson is finally able to wear his 0-3 month outfits. Poor baby has been wearing the same 8-9 size newborn outfits over and over. He also has got a pretty good sleep schedule going. He is going to bed around 9:30, getting up at 12:30, 4:45ish, and then at 6. Usually when he gets up at 6, Jeremiah can get him to go back to sleep a couple hours, but sometimes, he comes to snuggle in bed with mommy (which is fine, he sleeps in his bed the rest of the time).

Here he is giving daddy some sweet kisses before bed...

AND, here is our big boy... Look at those muscles... I promise, we DO feed him...


I despise Laundry...

Like his mommy, Hudson does not like to fold laundry...

I Heart Bathtime!

Hudson got his first real bath in his new whale tub tonight! He loves bathtime! He cries getting stripped down to his birthday suit, but once that naked booty hits the water, he is in paradise! He just relaxes and sucks his wet fingers! Once we are done, he cries again! We call him a little fish!

Thanks Auntie Anna for our whale tubby!


Boppy Time

Hudson has decided he LOVES to sit in his boppy! Here are a couple cute pictures from this morning, hence, the jammies...

Until this morning, Hudson hated sitting in his bed, he would cry the entire time, but now, we figured it out. Thanks JuJu for our cute boppy!


Happy 2 Week Birthday

Today, Hudson is 2 weeks old. I cannot believe he has been here for 2 weeks now. We ran around town today and did a little shopping for Colson some new pre-school stuff and this evening, I got brave and took both boys to Target and Shoe Carnival. They did pretty well, until Hudson got hungry in the middle of our Target trip and I had to feed him and help Colson push the stroller at the same time. Let's just say, that was a task. Colson got aggravated and wanted to ride in a buggy, so at that point, I got what I had to have, and checked out! All in all, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it also was not my idea of a fun Target trip.
Here is my little 2 week old punkin...

And here is Big Brother, he had to have his picture made too...


Thanks Mom's!

Just a quick update on Hudson...

His nursing and sleeping has become so much easier. Thanks to all the moms who offered up all their knowledge and helpful hints. I really, REALLY appreciate it! We have a good routine going on, and all is well!

Hudson went Friday for his 1 week appointment, and everything was perfect! He has gained 2 ounces since we have been home, so that puts him at a whopping 5lbs, 12oz. He's Huge! His weight gain reassured me that I am doing fine nursing how I am, and that I should quit all the worrying! Dr. Weed was very pleased with everything, so we go back at 2 months!

We went shopping today at the mall, and he did great. He slept the most of the time, got a dry diaper, ate, and then we came home! Our first trip was a success!!

Here is a sweet picture of Hudson tonight at bedtime... Rolled up like a burrito!