March 1, 2008

Today as my mom was checking the mail, she noticed an envelope that looked vaguely familier. She opened it up to find this...

It's the RSVP card from mine and Jeremiah's wedding. The funny thing is, we asked that the RSVP be returned by March 1, 2008 which is almost exactly 2 years ago, and also is was just postmarked yesterday. I'm guessing it just got lost in the mail! It looks a little beat up.
I wonder how much stuff gets lost in transit??


Colsons Valentine Party

Friday was Colsons Valentine party at school. We were excited to go because we had to miss last years party due to the flu.
I love looking around at all the creative blogs becuase they have the cutest treats and ideas. I made these Valentines
and these heart crayons
The heart crayons were alot of fun for Colson and I to make together. Pulling all that paper off those crayons takes time. I also had Colson write his name on all his Valentines. He has had problems writing his "S" the right way, so having the bowl of M&M's beside us while he was writing served as a treat for him also! It's amazing what M&M's can get you to do!
I saw some shirts on Etsy for the boys that I loved, but there was no way I was spending $40 per shirt for VDay, so I made these, which I think turned out super cute!

Here are some pictures from the party...

I love how Hudson is hanging onto Colson's neck. It looks like he is saying "Please don't drop me Brother!"


Snow Day 2010

Colson is loving this snow! He has played in it a little but does NOT like getting his hands wet or cold, so we do our snow playing in spurts. As for Hudson, we have only taken him out for his photo shoot with dad and brother. He didn't like being all bundled up, but other than that, I got a few smiles!


Who Dat??

Superbowl XLIV (44), Colts vs Saints will kick off in Miami tomorrow night! So, in leu of the festivities, I spent the afternoon over at my sisters house helping decorate for the party! Here are a few pictures of our decor, tomorrow, I'll post the food. (be ready for photo overload tomorrow, they don't know how to go easy on the appetizers, they go waayy overboard)

This is were we will be watching the Big game!

The main wall in the Living Room.

Notice Sean in the mirror, it says, Who Dat?

And, what were the boys doing?, well Hudson was napping on his Auntie and Colson was busy being a "Sfiresfighter"!

**Updated to add: Colson and I are cheering for the Saints! Whoo Hoo!! Braden is cheering for the Colts! Boo!**


Another new blog design...

Hey guys... Keep checking the blog, I've got a new blog design on the way and so far, it looks super cute!!!!!

If you haven't already, check out her blog. She has a button on my sidebar or you can head over to jengetsfancy.com to see more of her work!

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