Pregnant Hobbies

When I was pregnant with Colson, I taught myself how to cross-stitch. I had so much fun with it, but I never used anything I made. Also, I should mention, I haven't made anything since he was born.

With this pregnancy, I have started 2 new hobbies. The first hobby, I forgot to take a picture of, so I'll do that tomorrow and add on here, but the second hobby is this...

I don't know where I am going to use to blue and brown canvas because it matches nothing we will be using, but the green canvas is for Hudson's room at his Nana and Papaw's house. I am also working on a set of three 8x10 canvas' for my moms "Big Boy" room. It is a Razorback room for Colson and Braden, so I am painting some Hog pictures. I'll post those as soon as I finish them.

Also, Hudson's bedding has not arrived but here is a picture of what we got. We have not even started his room, but, when Jeremiah goes on his next tournament to North Carolina, I will be having it painted. Also, we still have not decided on his new crib. I want an espresso colored bed, so if anyone has one they would be interested in selling, let us know. We might consider taking it off your hands! I will post those pictures when we get the room done!


Updated...It's A...


We have decided on Hudson Wyatt Kindy to be his name.

His sweet little face...

The ultrasound went really well, and as soon as she put the wand on my belly, I immediately saw proof he was a boy! There is NO mistaking it. Everything looked great and he is between 8oz and 1lb. He is measuring right where he should and my due date didn't change at all!

his sweet little hand, waving at us...

I really wish we had a scanner, but for now, these pictures will have to work... They are taken with my phone!


Anyone using Baby Wise?

I have heard several things mentioned about the Baby Wise method. I have looked it up online but would like to hear from "real" people using it. I don't have the book yet, so maybe I should get it?

Any suggestions or interesting things you would like to share?


Colson the Photographer and 19 weeks

Colson was wanting to take some pictures once we got home tonight, but Go, Deigo, Go, was on tv, so he was not really interested in getting off the couch to take pictures, so I stood in front of him and let him take some Preggo Pics of me. All this set-up is to inform you why I don't have a head! He is getting the hang of it though!

19 weeks!

Here is another randon picture he took with my phone, notice, we still don't have heads!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It is so hard to believe that we have already been married 1 year! Time truly flies! Our anniversary was very low key, which was very nice... We were already in Branson(where we went on our honeymoon) for the FLW tournament on Table Rock, so we just made it a weekend to enjoy for ourselves. We went to dinner at a nice restaurant on Friday night, and then on Saturday, we took Colson to the Dixie Stampede. Colson had so much fun, and has given me a few of his own performances from the show. Jeremiah and I both agree, it was really the look on Colson's face that made the whole night even better! Sunday, I went and did a little more shopping while Jeremiah did the fun zone, and then we drove home.

My mom is so silly and when we got home, this is what we walked in the door to see!

That is 3 plates, and 3 forks, and 3 wine glasses. Mom wanted Colson to partake in the festivities. Since I can't have Champagne, she got us some Sparkling White Grape juice. Also, I must mention, our cake tonight was the top of our wedding cake (of course) and it was so good. It was just as good today and it was a year ago. We ate more of it tonight than we did on our wedding day!

Happy Anniversary Jeremiah! I love you!


Sweet Baby K

Everyone is asking when we are going to find out what the baby is...

We find out March 17th. I will post pictures of the ultrasound and announce the name then. Also, I will try to get some pictures posted of the belly!

We love different names, and we have our boy name, but if anyone has some unique girl names, we would love to hear what you have.

As for me, I am feeling so much better now and gaining a little weight. Still not a big belly yet, but I have noticed the belly button is about to makes its appearance. It popped all the way out with Colson and I can tell it is about to do the same with this one. When I was probley 7 months pregnant with Colson, I was taking Hunter, my nephew, and his friend Bailey, down to the pool, and as we were walking down, Hunter says, "Look Bailey, you can see his nose popping out!" They thought it was so cool, and I just agreed with him. Kids are so funny!