A Picture Post

Here are just a few pictures from the past few days. Not a whole lot has gone on around here besides Thanksgiving, which was pretty low key. We didn't do a whole lot because my mom just got out of the hospital from her hip replacement (on Wednesday), so we just played it simple so she could enjoy being home.

Here are some pictures of the boys and Jeremiah's dad, aka Papa Joe. They came over Tuesday night for Thanksgiving at our house. We had a good time and the kids love playing together!

(notice all the slobber on Papa's shirt, that was a special present from Huddy)

This was how Colson felt Thursday night after being out of school a couple days with no afternoon naps.

Nothing like a little daddy time...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We all have a lot to be thankful for!


Papaw and Huddy

While Jeremiah and I were out of town a few weekends ago, my parents kept the boys for us. When we got home, Hudson had a new outfit to add to the closet!

I think the outfit says it all, but here is some proof!

Here are just a few cute pictures my mom took before church on Sunday...

Howl-O-Ween 2009

This post is a little late, but my camera was left at home, so I had to borrow these from my mom.

Colson wanted to be a werewolf for Halloween, and all we could find was this... a "green-belly wolf". I have no idea where he got this idea, but that's the only thing he wanted. We spent several nights looking at costume websites, and this is all he would agree on!

Most of you would think by the looks of this picture, that he was going to kiss my cheek, but...

This is what I got. Here's the story, my sister and my mother thought it would be "funny" and a "good picture" if it acted like he was eating my face, well, Colson didn't realize he could bite through that mask, but LET ME TELL YOU, he did! It hurt so bad, and left a beautiful bruise! Poor Colson, he felt so bad for hurting me! He told me that the "green belly wolf" better not EVER bite his mommy again!

As for Hudson, I was going to let him wear the costume that Colson wore his very first Halloween, but I found this little horse costume at Cracker Barrel. We had to get it!

I was not able to get very many pictures of the boys on Halloween because of the death in my family. We had visitation at the funeral home that night, so things were a little hectic around here. So I'm not neglecting the kids Halloween, I just wanted to enjoy the rest of the night taking my werewolf trick-or-treating! Huddy stayed and helped his Nana hand out candy! and sleep.


Mommy is NOT a photographer

I am not claiming to be any good at taking pictures, but I realized tonight that I have no nakee pictures of my little Hudson. Part of this is my fault, but another reason is that I cannot get a call back from a real photographer. I think part of this is because it prime holiday season and they are super busy, but my baby is getting big and there comes a certain time that nakee pictures are a little creepy. So here is my home-made photo shoot. Enjoy!!