My Little Fishie

The second week of June, Colson started swim lessons at Mills Park in Bryant. He loves the water, and has no fear. He loves going all the way under in the pool without holding his nose, but I needed him to learn how to become a swimmer.

Well, we still aren't  "swimmer", but he did learn how to tread water, float on his back, kick his feet, and do arm circles. I am very impressed with what he learned and very pleased with Mills Park.

Colson ended up making some new friends, Jaggar and Nate. I already knew Jaggar and his mom, and we met Nate and his mom,Amy, and have ended up having a few play dates with the boys! They all have so much fun together! Here are some pics from the week!
Colson and Ms. Chelsea
Little Fish
(Nate on the far left, Jaggar in the middle, and Colson on the end)
(this was teaching them how to swim on their back)

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