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I am starting to feel like we should start introducing table food to Hudson. He is 10 months old now and has 4 teeth, 2 uppers and 2 bottoms. I've read some mom blogs that say they did table food at 8-9 months but I just now feel ready.

He does good eating fruit puffs and fruit in his little mashers, but he hates stage 3 food from a jar. Does anyone have any suggestions on when to introduce certain foods first and what to avoid. Please don't suggest french fries.

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Beach, Part 2

Tuesday night after we had our pictures done, we headed to Lulu's to eat. Usually you can expect a 2 hour wait, but since it was late, we walked right in. However, the wait for our food took a little while. To entertain ourselves, we took pictures. There are about 50 more of Colson making silly faces, but I thought these few were enough!
Wednesday, we headed into town to eat lunch and get a few more groceries, Colson had been begging to go into the "Shark" store and to get a boogie board. While we were in there, the boys had to try on some coon hats. Colson looks a little "red neck" with all his tatoos and his muscle shirt. Oops!

...Hudson fell asleep in his exersaucer before dinner...
That night, we headed to the Oyster House to eat with Darren, Misti, and the kids. These next few are of Colson, Hudson and Catrin, and Calyn.


My Huddy is 10 months old!

I have been terrible doing monthly posts of Hudsons Birthdays. But, here is his 10 month post.

All about Hudson:
  • Weighs 18.5 pounds
  • Wears size 4 diapers, and 3-6 month shorts, 12-18 month shirts
  • Has finally stopped army crawling and crawls on his knees
  • Pulls up on everything he can, but not letting go to walk
  • Says: mamma, dadda, bubba, and bye-bye, and he waves with both hands
  • Loves to eat... but doesn't like clumpy food
  • He has 4 teeth, 2 up top, 2 on bottom
  • Loves to stand in his crib and play with his babies, we had to take the moblie off because he tore it down multiple times in a day
  • He is into everything, nothing is safe anymore
  • He is a biter. I have no idea where this comes from. Colson never bit, so this is all new to us.
This is one of our most favorite ages. I love how loving he can be and also how independent he can be. He is just so fun! We are so in love with him!

Beach 2010

...Warning: PICTURE OVERLOAD!!...
We left Sunday after church to start our long jounrey to the BEACH! After a little nap, a movie or 3, and a bottle, Hudson was getting antsy. So as any good mom would do, I crawled back to the back seat to sit with him...and take pictures!
...eating puffs...

...watching some movies...

...and singing along with Elmo...

On Monday, we finally made it to the beach! Colson was so excited he could hardly breathe. Hudson, wasn't so sure about it.

...Hudsons pool, we put regular water in it so he could splash and not get salt water all in his eyes and mouth...

....Colsons sand turtle he and his daddy built...

Day 2
...still in his PJ's..

These are of us before we went out to eat... We met some great people that day, the lady came up to me and asked me if I wanted her to take a picture of the 4 of us, so of course I let her. Come to find out, she is a photographer, in Conway... How random. She also told me she would do our family pictures that night on the beach if I could take her family pictures for her! Ughh, DUH! Of course. It ended up getting darker a lot sooner than they thought, so she is having to edit those pictures before she can send them to me. I can't wait to see what she got! Their business is called Capture That Photography, and they are Darren and Misti, they have some great stuff on their blog! Go check them out!

Thats all the pictures for today! Your Welcome. I'll get the other post up sometime tomorrow! If you are still reading all this, Congrats on making it this far! The next post won't be so long... I don't think.


Were Home!

We are back home from the beach! The week flew by so fast, but we had a great time! Here is just a little peek of the post I'm working on for tomorrow!!


My Little Slugger

We were lucky enough to have a good "picture-taking Papaw" at our game last night and it just so happened to be Colson's good buddy Eli's Papaw! So I begged asked politely if he would take a few of Colson! He just emailed me these and I think they are so cute! I can't wait to frame a few!

Thanks Steve!


A little transformation

I found this dresser at the Habitat for Humanity store a few weekends ago. I wanted to use it for a buffet table in my kitchen. I got a great deal on it and only spent $35 on it. This was a very inexpensive project and was fairly easy as well.

Here is the before...

And AFTER...

I have not decorated it quite the way I had in mind but it's fine for now.

Total cost: $42! Not bad!!