One Fish, Two Fish...

I am tired of blogging all our Christmas festivities, so I'm skipping our last 2 Christmas adventures. Oops...

Anyway, I found these super cute Converse shoes several months ago and I had to have them. Hudson was wearing a size 3 at the time but they only had a size 5 left, and the website didn't even sell them anymore, so I bought them and put them in the closet till he was ready... Well, we are ready! And Hudson loves them. He likes to bring them to me for me to put them on, and then he marches dances in them.


Christmas Day, Part 2

After we rested from Christmas morning at our house, we headed over to my parents house to have Christmas with them and my Sisters family.

Braden with his present from us...

Colson got a few Karate lessons from my sister, and he was showing us some moves he already knew...(More on our Karate lessons in another post.)

Hudson showing us his new "Pack-Pack"

My nephew Braden...


Christmas Day, Part 1

Colson could not wait to open presents Christmas morning. He was so anxious to see what all Santa brought! We had to wake Hudson up, he wasn't as excited as Colson, but he ended up enjoying himself.

Yes, Santa brought Hudson his own colander, and scrub brush... The kid loves to clean and "cook"

Colson finally got a skate board. He was so excited!

Colson and Hudson got their daddy a new case knife... Colson was so happy he finally could give it to him, keeping a secret that long is hard for a 5 year old...

Santa brought both boys a new Build-a-Bear, Hudson was in love with his new Bear.

Helping dad put his shopping cart together.

My first Christmas Quiche... Sausage and Cheese...Yum

Christmas Eve 2010, Part 2

Hopefully Blogger is going to let me finish up my Christmas Posts tonight, I have several other posts I need to get up, so maybe we can get all caught up tonight!

Christmas Eve night was spent at my Memaws. This year was a special year because she "retired" her big tree. She is getting to the point where she is tired of messing with the big tree, so she wanted all her kids, grandkids and great grandkids to pick out some ornaments that we wanted to keep so we could have them for our family. Jeremiah was our ornament holder.


Christmas Eve 2010, Part I

I really had good intentions of getting our Christmas post up before the New Year, but it looks like that didn't happen! I'm mainly just going to post a few pictures from each place we went and let them speak for me...

It starts off at noon on Christmas Eve, at Jeremiahs grandparents...

And now since I have finally sat down to blog, Blogger wont let me upload the rest of my pictures. I've even restarted my computer, so I'll try to finish up tomorrow.