Happy Homecoming!!

Sean is finally home!

We picked him up at the airport on Sunday after what seems like the longest deployment EVER...(not so much for me, mainly my sister... but I got to spend lots of fun time with her). I can't imagine what Army wives go through when the husbands are gone for 15 months or so... Even seeing the dads come home when Sean did and seeing those kids so excited to see their daddy just breaks my heart... That would be so hard! All in All, we are just so happy Sean made it home safe and sound! Thanks for all you do! We love ya Seanny-Boo! Here are a few pics from Sunday!!

Colson waiting somewhat patiently.

We just saw Sean get off the plane, so the boys are ready with all the posters we made him!

Everyone was so excited to see him in person, rather than on our web cams!

Notice, Sean is carrying his 45lb backpack, and 2 very happy little boys all the way to the luggage claim! Welcome Home!


Julie Howe said...

Thanks sisser! I know he will appreciate this blog as much as I do. I love you :)

Julee Turner said...

Great post! Glad he is home!! I know this was an exciting day and he is really appreciated by all Americans!!