14 Weeks

We had another doctors appointment today and sadly, there really is nothing to blog about. We thought we were going to have another ultrasound today, but as it turned out, we didn't get one. We did get to listen to Baby K's heartbeat, for like 2 seconds, and Jeremiah doesn't think he heard it at all, but it was hard for the nurse to get it because the baby is so squirmy. She assured us that was normal and what she did hear sounded good. I saw Dr. Garner today and he was super nice. I was glad I got to meet him even though I still haven't seen my Dr., Dr. Henson. I already know that my Dr. is great because he delivered Colson, and I don't remember meeting many of the other doctors before. Dr. Garner is concerned with my lack of weight gain right now, but he did say my belly was growing good. (I don't understand how your belly grows, but you aren't gaining weight, but o well). He asked if I had been sick and I told him I had been in the 1st trimester, but that I am mostly over that, so he said as long as I am eating and keeping everything in me than that would be fine. Also, considering I gained 40+ pounds with Colson, he quit worrying.

Next month, I will be 18 weeks and I will be doing the blood test that test for Down Syndrome and 2 other things (I can't remember what they called it either), and at this appointment, they wont tell us the sex of the baby since Jeremiah will be at a tournament, so they are letting us come back 2 weeks from then to do the anatomy ultrasound! So we are really looking forward to next months visits!

For those who are asking to see belly pics, I will take some soon! At least, I'll try to remember to!

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Anonymous said...

Yea! Good update! Glad to hear things are going well for my lil neice/nephew! By the way bry out of the blue said, "I want to name lala's baby Billy!" It was freakin hilarious!