Whimsy Tin Buckets

So this post is a little late, but I just found the picture on my phone...

My sister and I had a bucket made for Colson and Braden's preschool teacher, Mrs. Joyce. We put all kinds of goodies in the bucket like flavored coffee, stickers, and holiday goods. Julie also found these little picture frame ornaments, so we put the boys preschool pictures in 2 of the frames. It turned out so cute and Mrs. Joyce can use it year round since its not strictly Christmas. Click here to visit WHIMSY TIN. Jaime does a great job. I also had her make Colson a reindeer bucket to replace the traditional stocking. It is adorable.

Jaime makes so many cute girly buckets too, so I am really hoping this baby will be a girl so I can get some frufru buckets! Now Easter is coming up quickly, so I'll be placing another order soon!

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