A Bloggy friend in need of Prayer!

I got this off a bloggy friends blog and prayers are definitely needed now more than ever.

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Friday, January 16, 2009
Please Pray

We need you to lift us up in prayer like you never have before. Harper is in VERY critical condition and they are going to fly her to AR Children's hospital. It is very, very serious and the NICU doctor did not give us a favorable report. Scott and his parents will be driving there tonight. My parents and I will be driving there in the morning as soon as I can get out of the hospital. We know that God is sovereign. WE KNOW that God is the same right now to us as He was to us this morning when we were so excited and praising Him as we drove to the hospital. We know that He loves us and no matter what happens - we will continue to praise Him.
I honestly don't know how I'm going to survive if we lose her. I just want to be honest with you. I'm putting this on my blog right now because we have had over 30,000 hits today and I need 30,000 of God's people to be praying for us. Thank you in advance for getting on your knees for our precious daughter.

Harper Brown Stamps was born at 7:03 PM. She weighed 9lb and 12oz.
She is having some trouble breathing, so they have taken her to the NICU to check her heart. They have had to incubate her - they are doing tests to see what's going on.
Also, Kelly lost a lot of blood in delivery and has really low blood pressure. We would really appreciate your prayers for both mother and daughter.

Scott & Kelly Stamps

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Allie said...

Lindsey - First of all I am sending many prayers for that sweet little baby.

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