RowdyPig and Moo

They each had a plate of food, but they decided to share one plate.

I got a call from Jeremiah on Thursday while he was on a job asking me if he could bring home 2 puppies. He told me that the mom wasn't feeding them and they were covered in fleas and ticks. He told me that one was trying to nurse on his brother and he was not leaving them there. He had no idea how old they were or what breed they were. He said the homeowner told him that there were 4 female dogs and they all had a liter at the same time, and she thought these 2 were about a month old.

Out of pity, I agreed. He brought them home, and I was shocked. They were precious and so well mannered. While he was bathing them in the sink, trying to pluck off what seemed like 1000 ticks and fleas, they just stood there and didn't cry.

After a talk with the vet, I got them some canned food and flea and tick spray and a worm pill. They are now eating and drinking some pet milk and are strictly outside puppies. They love each other and cry when they are away from the other. I have come to the conclusion that they are less than a month old because, A) one still doesn't have teeth, and B) when they walk they stumble every few steps.

Colson loves them and they were named by him. Moo got his name because he looks like a cow, and RowdyPig, because Colson's favorite animal name is Rowdy, but since we have a neighborhood dog named Rowdy and a build-a-bear puppy named Rowdy, we added Pig on the end.


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Anonymous said...

O My Goodness! They are really cute.