Huddy is 1 Month Old...EEK!

Hudson with Dr. Henson and our nurse Linda. This was at my 4 week check-up.

Its becoming a trend for me to be late at posting. Hudson is now actually 5 weeks old, but here he is at 1 month.

A few facts about Hudson...
...He wears newborn diapers still
...He is wearing some 0-3mo clothes, but a lot of them still wont fit him, so we usually wear newborn.
...He is getting up 3 times a night and at his 4am feeding, he doesn't like going back to sleep, and then is up again at 6am and is almost impossible to get him back to sleep. Usually we are up for the morning at this point.
...NO regular naps yet. He takes about a 2 hour nap mid morning and the rest are whenever he decides he is ready.
...He loves bathtime... it always calms him down if he is fussy.
...The colic is pretty much over, he still gets a little fussy sometimes, but I don't think its colic as much as it is constipation.
...We are no longer nursing, he is bottle fed now and takes 3oz of formula every 2 hours. He is much happier with his bottle. (Nursing is NOT for everyone, and formula is just fine)
...Everyone thinks he looks like Jeremiah(GAG), but I don't see it. I see a lot of baby Colson in him. I think he is just handsome, no matter who he looks like. (For the record, he has my dimples and dark hair.)

I can't believe Hudson has been here a whole month now. Where does the time go? I am going back to work on Tuesday and not at all looking forward to it. I will be keeping Hudson with me during the days, I will just limit how much I work now.

We are really enjoying 2 boys, even though it is always hectic around here. We weren't sure how we would be able to love Hudson as much as we love Colson, but like everyone says, you just do. You figure it out. I have a different kind of love for my Colson, maybe because he was my first and I am so close to him. But, my love for Hudson runs pretty deep too. We just cherish every moment with our boys and love them more and more every day. They are each a special gift!

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Jennifer said...

I think he looks just like Colson, too! He is so adorable!