Never Be Surprised

We all know our kids say and do some of the most random things, so I have decided to take note of a couple and share them with the rest of you! Enjoy!

We were in the restroom at a restaurant and a much older lady comes in and as she is using the restroom, she "let out some extra sounds" and while Colson is pottying, he starts making pooting sounds with his mouth. Lets just say we waited to leave till she was out of the restroom.

The same day as the pooting sound incident occurred, we went to a birthday party for his friend Dawson Turner, at the bowling alley and during his turn to bowl, Colson had to pee. While I am waiting on him to pee, I hear him saying "Focus, Focus, Focus!"

"It's okay, my mommy says I can do this"... he likes to tell his nana and naw-na this when I am not around.

This is his prayer before bedtime the other night. (after 4 days of a terrible stomach bug)
"Jesus, thanks for my day. Please don't make me throwed up anymore. I am really sick of it. And please let me stop pooping, my booty hurts. I don't want to be sick ANYMORE. Thanks. And Jesus, Have a good night. I Love You! Amen"

I'll keep posting to this as more come to mind. I have been telling myself I really should write these down so I wont forget them, but never remember to.


Anonymous said...

So funny!

harris1013 said...

That is adorable! My favorite is his prayer....