FLW Tour Stop #5, Fort Loudon/Tellico Lakes

Stop #5 on the Walmart FLW Tour was to Knoxville, TN to fish Tellico/Fort Loudon.

Colson and I drove up with Kim Suggs and her 2 daughters, Whitney and Hallie, and Lindsey White, Co-Angler Stetson Blaylock's girlfriend. We had that Tahoe loaded down and we were off on Wednesday afternoon.

After getting to the lake on Thursday, we discovered that Jeremiah, Scott(Kim's Husband), and Stetson, all had a very good bag! We were so excited. At the end of Day 1, Jeremiah was in 13th place, Scott was in 11th and Stetson was in the Top 10 somewhere.

After Day 2, Jeremiah only had 2 fish, one was a 5 pounder and the other barely measured. Scott had 5 fish and Stetson had 5 fish. Stetson ended up in 7th place on the co-angler side, Scott ended up in 13th on the pro side, and Jeremiah ended up in 39th place. We were so close to making a Top 10, but luck was not on our side that day.

Stetson ended up fishing on Day 3 and finished 6 ounces out of 1st place and into 2nd place!

Here are a couple pics from our fun weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

Ah! I'm so glad Colsie liked me more at the Fun Zone than at the lake. The picture of him and Hallie is cute! I hope you come to Detroit...I know it's not the greatest...but I just miss you! Love you! Linds