I am a horrible blogger so this post will be a lot of pictures and a little talking.

My sister and I went to the Sugarland concert in in Little Rock. The next morning I got up and ran the Little Rock Marathon 5K... I finished with a good time despite that fact I was out till 11:30 the night before. oh and the fact that is was freezing cold and raining.

Colson got to go fishing all day with Jeremiah. It was cold, they left at 7:30am, stayed all day, and Colson caught his very first bass completely by himself. He even cast it to his lucky spot. It weighed about 3.5 lbs. Colson was so happy, but not as happy as his daddy was!!

Hudson started trying to climb out of his bed, so we made the switch to the toddler bed. He has done perfect! He loves it!

Colson and I ran the Civitan Peace, Love, 5k together. This was his first race and he did so good. We ran it in 43 minutes.

We are in full swing baseball mode. Colson has done great this year. He moved up to pitching machine and is doing so well at hitting off the machine. He also got to be the catcher one night.

Hudson got new sunglasses that he calls "eyes". We even eat a snack in them.

Hudson likes to go to Papa Joes store and play with grout samples.

(all these pictures are from my phone. Sorry for the quality.)

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