Beach, Part 2

Tuesday night after we had our pictures done, we headed to Lulu's to eat. Usually you can expect a 2 hour wait, but since it was late, we walked right in. However, the wait for our food took a little while. To entertain ourselves, we took pictures. There are about 50 more of Colson making silly faces, but I thought these few were enough!
Wednesday, we headed into town to eat lunch and get a few more groceries, Colson had been begging to go into the "Shark" store and to get a boogie board. While we were in there, the boys had to try on some coon hats. Colson looks a little "red neck" with all his tatoos and his muscle shirt. Oops!

...Hudson fell asleep in his exersaucer before dinner...
That night, we headed to the Oyster House to eat with Darren, Misti, and the kids. These next few are of Colson, Hudson and Catrin, and Calyn.

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