Who Dat??

Superbowl XLIV (44), Colts vs Saints will kick off in Miami tomorrow night! So, in leu of the festivities, I spent the afternoon over at my sisters house helping decorate for the party! Here are a few pictures of our decor, tomorrow, I'll post the food. (be ready for photo overload tomorrow, they don't know how to go easy on the appetizers, they go waayy overboard)

This is were we will be watching the Big game!

The main wall in the Living Room.

Notice Sean in the mirror, it says, Who Dat?

And, what were the boys doing?, well Hudson was napping on his Auntie and Colson was busy being a "Sfiresfighter"!

**Updated to add: Colson and I are cheering for the Saints! Whoo Hoo!! Braden is cheering for the Colts! Boo!**

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