Colsons Valentine Party

Friday was Colsons Valentine party at school. We were excited to go because we had to miss last years party due to the flu.
I love looking around at all the creative blogs becuase they have the cutest treats and ideas. I made these Valentines
and these heart crayons
The heart crayons were alot of fun for Colson and I to make together. Pulling all that paper off those crayons takes time. I also had Colson write his name on all his Valentines. He has had problems writing his "S" the right way, so having the bowl of M&M's beside us while he was writing served as a treat for him also! It's amazing what M&M's can get you to do!
I saw some shirts on Etsy for the boys that I loved, but there was no way I was spending $40 per shirt for VDay, so I made these, which I think turned out super cute!

Here are some pictures from the party...

I love how Hudson is hanging onto Colson's neck. It looks like he is saying "Please don't drop me Brother!"


dana said...

great shirts. I'm glad you made the Valentines!

**Amy** said...

Thanks for the link! Looks like they turned out great! Love the shirts too!