Hudson at 6 months!!

Okay, so I am not that far behind. Hudson has only been 6 months since Sunday, so I am doing good! I can not believe my little baby is 1/2 a year old. I also cannot believe my big baby is about to start Kindergarten! That is a whole post in itself, if I can ever bring my self to accepting it!

Today, my mom and I decided on a little impromtu photo session with Hudson. I have never had his pictures done anywhere, other than the terrible ones I do, so we headed to Little Rock. We just took him to Sears, so we could be cheap, and quick! They don't do the best pictures, but when your little man is the most precious little boy in the world, you can't have bad pictures! Overall, I'm okay with how they turned out! However, I cannot wait till we get some good family pictures done the spring! Here are a few pictures from his photo shoot! Enjoy!

Here are Hudson's Tidbits:
*We haven't been to get the 6 month shots yet, so I'll have to post that information later
*Started eating food very well, he eats a jar of veggies, and a jar of fruit for lunch.
*Does not like green veggies or peaches
*He is sleeping better during the day, still waking up around 4 and eventually goes back to sleep without us coming in
*Wears size 2 diapers
*Wears 6-12 month outfits and 3-6 month jeans and pants
*Still waiting on these teeth to come in
*Almost sits up all by himself! We are getting sooooooo close!

As for Colson:
He has learned so much this month at school. He now knows his phone number, his whole name, his birthday, all his letter up to N, the difference from left to right, and he now knows our address. Kindergarten, HERE WE COME! Also, We are signing up for T-ball this weekend! He is so excited to play, so be looking forward to some baseball posts in the near future! That tush will be so cute in those pants!

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harris1013 said...

Hudson is beautiful!!!