Hudson at 5 months...

Hudson turned 5 months on Christmas Eve. It is so hard to believe 6 months, half a year, is quickly approaching! Hudson is such a sweet, happy, funny little boy! I love him!

Hudson's Tidbits:
  • He can roll over from his back to his belly
  • Takes a 6oz cereal bottle when he wakes up and before he goes to bed
  • We stopped baby food for a little bit, it seemed like it was causing his reflux to flair up alot more
  • Has finally started napping during the day, PTL
  • Has learned how to make his lips make noise, thanks to his Papaws
  • Has started reaching out for people to hold him, this melts our hearts

Here are some pictures of Huddy at 5 months!!

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The Williams' said...

If I don't see him soon, I will probably have some sort of panic attack!