Pumpkin Patch 2009

We made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Colson' s Preschool yesterday. After re-scheduling the trip 2 different times, the weather finally cooperated with us and the day turned out beautiful!

The first thing we did was a Hay Ride, Colson really enjoyed it. He liked looking at all the little Christmas Trees and the hay bales made into spiders.

Then off to the Pig Races. At the pig race, all the kids got to enjoy Pretzels and "Pumpkin" Juice. Here is Braden with his snack.

If I have learned anything about a 4-year old, it is that, it is so hard to get a picutre of him smiling, or looking at the camera, or with open eyes. That's why I have hardly any decent pictures of him while we were there.

Colson and his buddy Reid. (They posed like that on their own)

Colson and the pumpkin he picked out.

On the bucking horse swing (as Colson called it).

And, the last somewhat decent picture of the day.

Poor Hudson didn't get to go because I was worried about him getting cold, so he stayed at home with Jeremiah. Sorry Hudson.

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