Deer Camp 2009

Its Deer Season yet again. As much as I really dislike deer season, this little boy LOVES it.

Colson got to go out on the stand with his Daddy on Saturday and spend the evening looking for a "Monster" Buck. Jeremiah said they accomplished "being the loudest stand on the lease". This leads me to believe that Colson has a little bit of me in him. When I'm bored I tend to get a little chatty, or restless. Seems like Colson will have a little bit to work on before going back out there to hunt.

Here is Colson using his "Eagle Eyes" to spot a buck.

And remember this picture from Deer Season 2008?

Now look at this picture from Deer Season 2009...

(the pencil in this picture is red, do you see it?)

Notice anything? I guess when he gets bored at deer camp, he uses dad's work pencils to draw and "take notes".

For the record, they never saw a deer. Probley because Colson scared them all away. Oh well. Maybe next time!


Julie Howe said...

Ummmm.....does that baby not have any camo clothes that fit him?? I have a closet full of stuff he could use. Guess I will put that on his Christmas list from Aunt Juju.

The Huffman's said...

I used to go with Chris, now that we have all these kids it's up to daddy to bring home the deer meat. lol