Memaw and The Boys

I was pilfering through my mom's camera and ran across these cute pics of the boys and my grandmother right after Hudson was born and I thought they were so sweet, so I had to post.

This is my beautiful Memaw, my mom's mom. She lives on her beautiful pond and everytime we are there, Colson has to go outside with Memaw and feed the ducks.

Here is my Memaw with 2 of her Great Grandsons.

My Memaw, Hudson and I (remember Hudson was only 5 days old, excuse my face!)

And Colson loving on brand new baby Hudson as we were leaving! Pretty sweet huh?!

What about this picture of my Memaw and Ronald McDonald? Cute huh? We had this picture on the table at her 87th birthday party in August.

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GREG and JANICE said...

I am so glad you posted these pics! I love your Memaw and I haven't seen her in forever! She looks just the same. Cute pics!