Go Hogs Go

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Jeremiah and I took Colson to his very 1st Razorback game over the weekend, and it was a SUCCESS! He had so much fun watching the band enter the stadium, looking at Tusk, the pig, yelling "First Down", calling those Hogs, and eating one of each concession stand item. We let him get his face painted and by the end of the night, that paint was EVERYWHERE. Oh well, all that matters is that he had fun, and I'd say mission accomplished! I can't wait to take him to another game!

Another 1st over the weekend, our friend Lindsay, has been living in NW Arkansas for exactly 1 year, and she got to experience her first Razorback game. We joined the Suggs family and took her tailgating for a couple hours and I think she had almost as much fun as Colson, except that her purse fell under the bleachers and all her stuff got dumped out. Everything except for her makeup compact was rescued! I am so glad we were with her for her first football experience!

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