Colson's Funnies...

Colson is always saying something funny and out of the blue... Last night, we were all in the living room and Colson was singing and then informed us that he is going to be on "American Island" and he is gonna sing on the stage and use a microphone. He has it all planned out, but is still not sure what song he is going to sing.

Later on he was rambling on and on about some made up stories and he said "Momma, you know those blue things in the road, those are fire "hodgeies". They show firemans where to get water." Jeremiah said "No, I think those are red..." Well Colson argued that they were blue and finally Jeremiah gave up the battle knowing he could never win to a 3-year old. As I was thinking about what he said, I remembered all the little blue reflectors on the road to show firemen where the hydrants are. So sadly, Colson won the argument about the "hodgeies".

Colson, at this age is so much fun. You never know what he will say, or when he will break out in song at the top of his lungs while you are in a crowd of people at Target, singing Jesus Loves Me. He has such a fun personality and I hope Baby Hudson has some of Colson's characteristics. I can't wait to watch them grow together and be best friends!

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