22 weeks @ Garvan Gardens

Jeremiah surprised Colson and I by taking us to Hot Springs today to go to Garvan Gardens. I kind of had an idea that's where he was taking us, so that is why I took my camera. Colson was really getting into taking our pictures in front of things, so daddy and I did a lot of posing for our little aspiring photographer. Also, there was a wedding going on today in the Garden, and I got a super cute video of Colson dancing to the music, but I can't get it uploaded on here. I'll keep trying.

Here is Jeremiah and I at 22 weeks. Everything is still just fine and Hudson and I are growing by the minute!

Hope everyone is enjoying the pretty weather this weekend!


Kristi said...

You are so darn cute! I can't believe how pretty those flowers are. I have been trying to find somewhere to take the girls for pics. We missed the Wye Mountain dandilions, and I was so upset. Do you think it is a good place to take 2 babies that can't walk but find a place to set them down and get some good pictures?

Julie Howe said...

What a romantical hubby you have!! The flowers are beautiful.

darnold23 said...

Such cute pictures. Glad to see that you finally have a bump!