No Caverties! (that's toddler talk for cavity)

Colson took his first trip to the dentist today... I was nervous! He was very excited about getting to see the dentist and cooperated very well. His dentist is so sweet and quiet and calm which really helped keep Colson calm. Dr. Simmons said his teeth looked good and loved the fact that we call his teeth "Slimies", she said she had never heard that before, so I thought that was great!

This is Colson getting his headphones and bib put on. He loved the fact that he had a movie at the end of his feet and he just relaxed.

Dr. Simmons showing Colson what she was going to do on his teeth.

He finally opened his mouth and let her do her work.

Getting his teeth flossed. (I love the face the dentist is making.)

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harris1013 said...

How sweet! I use Celita too and she is great!!!