Introducing Frank...

I have decided to let Colson be Frankenstein for HALLOWEEN! Here is the picture off the website, I cant wait to try it on Cols. His costume will look super cute with his halloween "spider" bucket that Jaime Gaston made him! (She has a blog, check her out, she is great! Click Here to see her Blog!)

We have really got into the Halloween spirit this year with decorations and snacks, pumpkins, ghosts, scarecrows and witches! Colson has pumpkin lights around his window in his bedroom...Big blow-up pumpkin with ghost coming out of the top in the front yard... a ghost hanging in the carport that lights up... Hay Bales in the front with mums, scarecrow, and witch stuck in the hay, along with lots and lots of pumpkins... and not to mention all the pumpkins covering the inside the house.

I will post some pictures later of all the decor!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute! I havent even thought about costumes yet. Can't wait to see him in it :)