Merry Christmas

 Here are just a few of our Christmas decorations this year. We only are doing a small tree this year because of Hudson. I really don't want to spend my entire day telling him "No-No, Don't Touch" so this way he can't reach it. I still haven't got around to doing the mesh around my entertainment center, so if that gets done, I'll do another post. But here is my sign I did for my front door. It looks so cute on our black door and it shows up great! I love the rhinestone ornaments on there too!

 And here is the close up of our new tree skirt. I actually got this last year, just a few days before Christmas so I didn't get to enjoy it much. But I love it!! I had it made by a girl who also makes some super cute stockings and monogrammed stuff. Click HERE to visit her site.


Julie Howe said...

Ummmmm......you must have forgotten to bring me one of those signs! I'll be looking for it this evening at the house.

Thanks so much!

Annie said...

i love the sign!! how did you make it?!
and your tree skirt is too cute!

Kelly said...

The decorations are TOO cute! I looove your personalized tree skirt, fun!