Easter 2010

We had a great day today! For the past 3 years it seems like it had either rained or been really cold on Easter Sunday. Today, was perfect, besides a few little clouds and a lot of pollen. I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday!


harris1013 said...

You have a beautiful family!!!

Julee Turner said...

3 things: 1) Such cute pics!! 2) Love your brown hair! 3) And I LOVE your dress!!

Hope you had a great Easter!

Lindsey said...

Love that dress Mrs. Kindy! Happy Easter you guys!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Cute pics and I am LOOOOVING your dress!!!

From another Lindsey! (Lindsey was my Mothers maiden name, so that's how I got it! Yay for Lindsey's with an E!)

Katie said...

Lindsey ~ Your Colson is precious! We don't know anyone with this name, so I had to see him for myself. ; )

Love the Easter buckets, too. Are they from Whinsy Tin?

Your dress is beautiful. ; )