Memorial Day Weekend

Okay... So Anna informed me I was being a terrible blogger about 2 weeks ago, and she is right, but 2 weeks later, I am just now getting around to blogging the past month or so.Ill start with Memorial Day Weekend...

Jeremiah's dad has a nice peice of land about 5 minutes from Crystal Springs and every Memorial Day, we camp there and have a good ol' redneck weekend. In the past, people have camped out in tents, but this year, everyone stepped it up a little and got some pop-up campers and camped that way. Good thing noone brought tents this year because it poured down rain on that Sunday. We always have a ton of fun and all the kids play so well together.

Chris and Aimee, (Jeremiah's brother and sister in law) came up on Saturday and brought the kids and these are the only pictures I ended up taking that weekend.
(Aimee... I have no idea where Mak was, I have no pics of

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Anonymous said...

lol! Those are so cute! Remeber mak was on that dang swing and would not come near anyone.