Christmas is Over!

We had a busy, but great Christmas. At one point, I thought it would never end. Colson had so much fun, but I think he was totally wiped out by the time Thursday evening rolled around.

All the festivities started on Wednesday by going to Jeremiah's grandparents at noon, then to my memaws that night. (I forgot my camera at home for the first event.) Also, Jeremiah and I open our presents that night after Colson has gone to bed so that on Christmas morning we can concentrate on Colson.

(My memaw, my sister and I)

(Colson waiting for Santa to arrive.)

(Santa and Colson)

On Christmas morning, we woke up, let Colson open his presents, get dressed, head to my parents, eat breakfast, open presents, clean up, then (this is where the plans change) we are supposed to be heading to LR to Chris and Aimee's house to have Christmas with the Kindy's. Like I said, the plans change.... Chris and Aimee both caught the stomach bug Christmas Eve night and were sick all thru the night, so at 845 Christmas morning, we are having a slight change of houses. We end up going to Jody and Lyndsey's house and everyone but Aimee was able to make it. (I also forgot my camera for Kindy Christmas...)

(Jeremiah opening some of his stuff)

(Colson opening Santa gifts)

(Santa left a letter for Colson, telling him that he had left something in Daddy's shop, and that he needed to go look in there, and Colson was "reading" this to me.)

(Colson and his new 4-wheeler that he had to go find!!)

(Colson and his new movie from nana and papaw, he loves all the singing in the movie Hairspray!)

(Colson and his new laptop from Sean, AKA Seanny-Boo, (Julie's Boyfriend). Thanks Sean)

We also have another Christmas tonight and I'll post some pics of that soon!

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