The Boring Kindy's

When I last updated my blog, we had too much going on to even talk about, and now, well... we have nothing to speak of.

However, I haven't made a post about Colson becoming a TRUE, OFFICIAL, 100% Kindy boy. The adoption is finally all finished and we got all our paper work back from the judge, and now all we are waiting on is his new Social Security Card and Birth Certificate. (in the slide show from the last post, you will see some pictures from the park and with the Owl Cake, that was his adoption party.) We are so excited to finally all be Kindy's!!

On a not-so-happy note, we just found out someone very close to our family is being deployed to Dubai at the beginning of the week. This news came to us very sudden and unexpectidly. We are thinking he will only be there for 80ish days but are not completly sure on when he will be home. He will be in our thoughts and prayers every day and we are 100% SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS! ...Sean, We can't wait to see you back home in January!

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Julie Howe said...

Thanks for the blog. Just made me start crying all over again. I can't wait for the first of the year.